Moo Challenge

I’ve been part of Girlguiding since a young age and while I’m not as involved now I still try to participate whenever possible. However, my Mum is  a Guide Leader and for the past few weeks they’ve been working on the ‘Moo Challenge’. Girlguiding did this really cool thing where units/districts can make their own challenge badges and sell them to other units to raise money. It goes part of the way to make up for the lack of quality badges Girlguiding has now (but that’s a topic best left for another time).

Anyway last Monday the girls had to create a Cow Parade cow from newspaper and paint/decorate it. The leaders also had a go and our attempts were hugely embarrassing in comparison to the fantastic cows the girls made. I knew this couldn’t do so I turned to what I know best and crocheted a cow!

I couldn’t find any nice free patterns so I splashed out and bought one from Fresh Stitches on Etsy. The patterns are super cute and the cow one was perfect. It’s nice to have patterns for good sized amigurumi. It took me the weekend and because the cow was supposed to be bright and different, I made it with rainbow colours.

I’m so pleased with how it turned out. My finish on amigurumi projects never turns out as well as I like but on this occasion even the eyes appear straight! I can’t get over how friggin’ cute it is!


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